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you could gain even greater satisfaction from teaching and your students were more highly engaged in meaningful growth?

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Professional Development, Mentoring, Training

John Dewey provided the model for Progressive Education in the 1880's and it still resonates today.  Respect for diversity and the development of critical, socially engaged intelligence prepares individuals to function well in a democratic society.  Creative Options for Progressive Educators will help create schools that serve as sites for democracy working toward social justice.

We provide professional development, mentoring, and training that uncovers effective teaching strategies, enriched content, and motivates professional growth conversations.  We will help reconnect with the art of teaching in an era consumed with test scores.  The beneficiaries will be educators experiencing professional satisfaction and students who will experience the joy of learning.


Our Work

Educator Training and Support

  • teaching strategies that powerfully engage students in the learning process

  • creating safe spaces that motivate students to explore and learn

  • facilitating civil classroom discourse

  • honoring all student identities and ableness

  • meeting standards without making instruction standard for all learners

  • implementing culturally responsive/culturally relevant teaching methods

  • understanding implicit biases and how they can affect the teaching and learning environment

  • preparing students for test taking, but not at the expense of life skills

  • meeting state mandates for Holocaust/Genocide education and LGBTQ+ recognition

Student Engagement and Growth

  • in-depth study of important history and literature

  • media literacy to know the difference between fact and fiction/rumor

  • understand empathy and promote respectful interactions

  • feeling safe to freely share ideas

  • experience joy in learning and classroom success

Creating a Plan

Creative Options for Progressive Educators will meet with you and work to create a plan that meets your professional development needs.  There are no one-size-fits-all templates.  Follow-up is built in to all of our work so that we can continue to meet and assist in implementing strategies presented in training.  We value long-term relationships.


“The materials were well chosen and the activities engaging.”

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